Friday, January 14, 2011

Sibling Difficulties Non-Aspie Vs. Aspie

There are plenty of occasions when my girls get into disagreements and have normal sibling rivalry. Then there are those moments when my thirteen year old simply becomes annoyed and frustrated by the Aspieness of her younger sister.

One of the difficulties my Aspie has is telling stories. She often has the “ums” “ohs” and “yeahs”. More than once her story will focus on details that don’t really matter to anyone but her and then in a “round about” and very slow way, she ends up at the end of her tale.

The other day my thirteen year old flopped her hands down and said in a very exasperated way, “I hate the way you tell stories!”

I told her that wasn’t a very nice thing to say, but it is frustrating to listen to my Aspie relate stories more often than not. It takes patience and attention. I know more than once my mind has started to wander while she goes on about something she feels is very important and I have to force myself back to attention.

I had to tell the teen that sometimes we just have to listen to our Aspie the best we can and that it’s ok that she was feeling frustrated but to remember her sister has feelings and that she can’t really help the way she does some things.

Honestly, I’m thinking I need to take my teen to see someone to talk to about the frustrations she has with her sister. Just to help her understand and cope with some of these daily difficulties.


Life Goes On said...

My grandson suffers from Aspergers. I have moved from Texas back to Minnesota my home to be closer to him. I am trying to understand and will be reading your postings. I have emailed to site to my daughter in law to read and contribute should she want to.

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