Saturday, May 1, 2010

From the Neuropsychological Evaluation

My Aspie visited with the PsyD, LP in November of 2008 and received her diagnoses of Asperger's after a two day evaluation. Here is a segment from that evaluation:

"Meg was evaluated over the course of 2 testing sessions. Meg presented as shy and quiet. She was neat, well groomed, and carried a black notebook wherever she went. Meg generally displayed good eye contact and appeared to easily engage in social interations with the examiner and to share her interests. Almost immediately, Meg told the examiner a long and detailed story regarding one of her school projects, and it was somewhat difficult to redirect her focus back onto the testing."

Communication of "stories" with our Aspie has always been difficult. The stories have many interruptions and sometimes take quite a long time to get to the point, if there is a point at all. I'm curious, how is your experience with the stories?

I don't ever want to rush her and I see how people who don't know her can become frustrated by the length and disorganization of her stories. Lately, they've been getting worse. I'm looking for tips on ways to help her with her story telling. What do you suggest?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't have any suggestions but my daughter (7) does the same thing... Half the time there really isn't any point to the "story". She will ramble on and on telling every detail about a show she watched on TV or a book she read.

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